Business Networking is an important business development activity for many companies in Malta. In recent years, networking in Malta has taken to new levels with the rise of professional online networking and formal business networks.

I’ve also noticed an increasingly open and collaborative attitude in the local business environment, something which is important for a networking mindset.

Networking Event - Leads

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If you are a business professional in Malta, as usual May offers a multitude of networking opportunities. This year, five events have caught my attention. Here they are sorted by date:

BNI La Valette Substitutes Day (23rd May)

BNI La Valette is an exclusive referral organization that offers its members weekly networking opportunities. However, the 23rd May will be a special event, What makes this event different is its structured format that gives an opportunity to every visitor to introduce himself to the group. A fantastic opportunity to improve one’s exposure and get to know other people.

Details: Phoenicia Hotel, 7am – 9am, €10 to cover breakfast. Yes it’s early but definately worth it. Contact us for an invite.

JCI Business Networking (24th May)

Based on the business speed dating concept, in this unique local event, attendees will make a series of 5 minute meetings with other attendees. This gives everyone an opportunity to pitch their business and make many new contacts in a short space of time.

Details: Radisson Blu, St. Julians, 6:30pm,  €50 to attend. Register here.

MIM Networking (29th May)

The Malta Institute of Management are renown for their great networking events. I’ve attended several of their events and I’ve made several new contacts in each one. The people who attend the MIM networking events come from various professions. Highly Recommended.

Details: The Palace Hotel, 7pm – 10pm, €30 for non-members but it’s free for MIM members. Register here.

iLearn iShare FHRD Networking (30th May)

Organized by FHRD in collaboration with De Bono Thinking Systems, there will be a discussion on creative thinking applied to the business environment. There will be time for networking.

Details: Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, 2:30pm, €5 for non-members but its free for FHRD members. Contact Ivana on

The Financial Services Industry Development in Malta – Present & Future (30th May)

Organized by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry, this event will commence with a series of talks and discussions. However, this will be followed by time for networking.

Details: Fimbank, Pendergardens, St. Julians, 4:30pm, €20 for non-members, free for members. Email to register.

What to remember

If you attend one of these events, remember that just going to the events is not enough. Following up is an important part of the networking process, so be sure to contact all the people you meet at these events. Even an “It was nice to meet you” is better than nothing.

I hope you found the above list helpful. Us guys from Clever Solutions Ltd will be attending a number of these events as they are a good opportunity to meet and even help people.

Will you be attending? What do you think of the networking scene in Malta?

Jeffrey Romano is the head of marketing at Clever Solutions Ltd. An avid networker, he helps companies increase exposure and build relationships with their customers through SEO and Social Media.