MCAST is launching 100 free courses as the second phase of a project entitled ‘Linking Industrial Needs and Vocational Education and Training’. This project, co-financed by the European Social Fund, is coordinated in collaboration with the Institute of Tourism Studies, the Malta Qualifications Council, and with the support of the Malta Chamber.

IT EducationOne of the aims of the project is to provide training to address the skills gaps and shortages identified, thus improving the adaptability of the workforce. Clever Solutions Ltd, through its managing director Carmelo Romano, is proud to have participated in the consultation phase and contributed its perspective towards the formation of these courses.

Without further adieu, here are what we think are the 5 most exciting IT related courses being offered.

Mobile Applications Overview
With the rise in the use of smartphones interest in mobile applications is rising due to innovative ways which these ‘apps’ allow companies to connect with their customers. Publications have apps showing their latest content, betting companies have apps to allow customers to place bets on the go, and shops have applications to make it easier for customers to discuss their latest offers. How we interact with brands is changing which is why this is such an exciting sector to be involved in.

Introduction to Internet Security
The amount of time we spend online these days is unbelievable. I confess that there are days when I spend more time in front of a computer than away from it. Guilty! This means that as a society that spends so much time online, we need to extend our security to digital environments. Just as we have car alarms and neighbourhood watches, so must we have knowledge of how to protect ourselves on the Internet. This is why we see the value and commend this free introductory course.

Introduction to Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence or BI is a growing sector in the Maltese IT industry. However, from my interactions with several IT and business people there is lack of certainty with regards to what BI is. For those looking for more information, we found this helpful article that explains what BI is, if it is something your business needs, and if it’s something that can contribute to your future career.

Online Marketing
Various research reports show that companies globally are investing a larger part of their Marketing budgets to online efforts. Education in this rapidly developing field is quickly spreading and rightly so, since the demand for online marketing services is growing fast. This field of marketing is quite vast and this is why introductory courses such as this are important because they give professionals the know-how to communicate with their clients via the Internet.

Customer CareĀ 
Customer Care is very important in IT simply because of the multitude of challenges users encounter everyday with both software and hardware. This course also includes information on customer relationship management systems which more and more companies are implementing. This software helps companies keep track of every time they interact with a client. Considering how even microenterprises have to manage hundreds of relationships, such software has become essential.

Check out what other free courses are available and tell us what you think!