Clever Solutions Ltd offers specialized search engine optimization (SEO) services in Malta. In addition, we offer a website review service as well as general internet marketing consultancy.

The following is an overview of how these different packaged services help our clients:

The specialized SEO service begins with building an understanding Search Engine Optimization in Maltaof the clients’ business model, products and customers. The client website is analyzed for possible SEO improvements and it is compared to competitor websites in order to find new marketing opportunities. Based on the results, an online marketing strategy is finalized and a regular consultancy service with training is offered in order to achieve the agreed upon goals together. Hands-on work is also done to implement certain optimizations.

The website review service is similar to the specialized SEO Malta service, however it does not include regular consultancy at the end. The package focuses on providing the client with a report with insight on the current status of the clients’ online marketing. This includes analyzing the website, Facebook page, LinkedIn company page, email marketing campaigns, banner advertising and more.

Finally, the general internet marketing consultancy service is aimed at small businesses which require a one-to-one service that provides them with the necessary information so they can take informed Internet Marketing decisions. Many small business owners are not experts when it comes to marketing online and so having one-to-one sessions with a specialist helps begin online marketing campaigns with more confidence and with a better likelihood of success.

For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss your needs, please feel free to contact us.

At Clever Solutions Ltd., our vision is to build upon a reputation of thinking hard and working smart, being an innovative digital solution provider with a fresh approach. We believe in the most efficient way forward combined with robust and structured methodology. Let’s call that a gradual evolution from hard-work to a smart-work culture, for the benefit of everyone that we work with.

SEO Malta services are offered by Jeffrey Romano, who has been working in search engine optimization for the past five years.