Nowadays, having a strong web presence is crucial for helping people and organizations get their message across to the right audience. Lately we’ve been working with a company friend, Deborah Marshall-Warren.

Deborah is an expert hypnotherapist and helps people build their self-belief, overcome phobias, and eliminate bad habits. Apart from working directly with individuals, Deborah offers workshops for organizations who would like to empower their staff and deal with issues such as workplace stress and absenteeism.

What we did for her is we set up a new official website for WholeBeing Today, complete with a content management system and hypnotherapy blog. With her new website, she can now update her content quickly, post new blog posts easily, and continue to add important functionality with minimum training.

Deborah Blog Screenshot

With her new website, Deborah, is now able to continue to reach out to her audience with more effectiveness and success.