“Choosing the most appropriate software solution for a business is a technical decision. Our experience has shown us that companies often spend more money than required as a result of being misinformed.

Our primary focus is on using our in-depth knowledge of existing software to help our clients make the right choice for their business. So much so, that we are often asked to join them on sales meetings so as to determine whether what they are being sold is good or not. We see our role as addressing this gap to help companies make the right technical decisions.

After all, software is an integral part of business and companies are becoming increasingly dependant on it. Thus, a lot of thought needs to go into which software to choose.

Customised software can be a valid solution for both small and large companies. For example, small organisations can use quality free software and, if needed, add customisations based on their business needs. This significantly lowers the costs, and we take this approach to help our clients get the most value from their investment. On the other hand, with larger companies, bespoke software may better suit their complex needs.

Now, though, with the rise in popularity of cloud computing, there’s a whole new set of solutions out there to be considered. It is very convenient, but there are gambles to it, too. That said, research shows that it is a technology that will proliferate and we are positioning ourselves to be able to advise clients who are considering it with regards to risks, costs and even alternatives.”

Original article published by Jo Caruana in The Commercial Courier.