Just like other aspects of business, the Accounting profession in Malta and elsewhere, is changing.

Customers often demand a flexible service leaving accountants with very tight deadlines. In addition, the role of the accountant is no longer just to take care of the monthly accounts. Accountants today are increasingly expected to provide financial advice about tax planning, cash flow analysis and more!

Clever Accounting Software MaltaThis international trend has helped bring about the rise of accounting software-as-a-service (SaaS) in Malta. This is typically web-based accounting software that is paid on a subscription basis (e.g. monthly or annually). One advantage of such software is that it allows the accountant and the business owner to access accounts from anywhere, anytime, and simultaneously. This makes life easier for everyone as for example, it becomes easier to take your work home.

Clever Solutions Ltd has recently launched the Clever Accounting Software Package that is based on the SaaS model described above. Apart from increased flexibility, this service is secure and provides users with automatic backups of their data (which are many times not done properly, if at all).

Clever Accounting is a straight-forward, easy to use application. It is a solution that is licensed, unlike much accounting software in Malta (and abroad). It also provides reporting capabilities empowering both the accountant and the business owner.

Software like this is the result of change in the accounting industry.

Where do you stand in all this change?

What is for sure is that many accountants and business owners will try to resist this change. These are the same people who don’t believe in the paperless office even though its’ been done. These are the same people who think the Internet is just for kids and not for business, despite the millions of business deals done online. These are the people who think business will be the same in 5 years time. It won’t.

When it comes to trends, there are the latecomers and there are the leaders.

As an accountant and small business owner, the questions you must ask yourself are: am I a latecomer, or am I a leader? Am I the person who’ll try to resist the inevitable, or am I the person who’ll make the most out of change?

If you want to make the most out of change, then contact us and we’ll show you what your accounting software should be like in 2012.