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Categories vs. Tags for WordPress SEO

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Blog, Online Marketing | 3 comments

We love WordPress! One reason we love it is because it’s designed well and because the variety of themes and plugins available makes its potential endless. However, even though WordPress is relatively straightforward to use, there are still certain issues which confuse people now and then. Today we’re tackling the categories vs. tags issue which leaves many bloggers completely confused. So what’s the difference? The best way to see categories is as a grouping of posts, generically labeled to roughly indicate what the post is about. Ideally you’d have 5-7 categories for your blog and normally each post is put in at least one category. On the other hand, tags are just keywords that give an indication what the post relates to. A blog and even a post can have as many tags as you wish. That’s the main difference. So for example, for this particular post, I already know that the category is ‘Online Marketing’ but the tags used will include keywords like WordPress, SEO and Blogging. What are the SEO implications of all this? Well firstly, categories and tags have different URL structures: and This means it’s important not to have categories and tags that are exactly the same word. Since you’d probably use them with the same posts, you’d end up with two very similar pages creating very little new value for your users. So for example, if you’re using SEO as both a category and a tag, then when you visit &, they’ll practically be the same page. That’s duplicate content. Another important thing to keep in mind is that categories are really helpful to improve the internal linking within your blog. Category pages however, shouldn’t be seen as just a list of related blog posts, but they are an opportunity for you to provide even more unique content. For example, if one of your categories relates to ‘Company News’, why not use that category page to present some information about your company. If you have a category called ‘SEO’, why not also use that page to present a testimonial and a link to your SEO service page?To do the above you can use plug-ins like this one. Moving on to tags, the general advice is to noindex them, something that many WordPress SEO plugins allow you to do. The reason I would suggest this isn’t necessarily because of duplicate content issues as many say, but because it’s not possible to keep editing every tag page. I don’t think tag pages provide much value to someone searching on a search engine and its probably best if another post or page from your site is presented instead. You don’t want to mess...

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Clever Solutions Ltd supports Startup Weekend Malta

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Blog, Company News |

At Clever Solutions Ltd we maintain a devotion to the knowledge economy and a commitment to personal learning, recognizing that intellectual property and high value-added are the guiding lights for our enterprise, wherever we may be. This is why we have decided to support Startup Weekend Malta, which is part of a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world since 2011. Clever Solutions shall be providing startups participating in Startup Weekend Malta with a 200 day micro subscription to our flagship Clever Accounting software as a service. On top of that, the winning startup at the end of the weekend will earn itself a free one year mini subscription. Clever Accounting is about helping small businesses gain control over the management of their finances. The reality is that many companies close down because they are unable to manage their money properly. This is many times due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of accessible accounting data. With Clever Accounting we are working hard to tackle these important issues in a practical manner. The straightforward interface of our accounting software and the online training we’re developing makes using Clever Accounting and managing a company’s finances easier every day. If you would like to learn more about Clever Accounting, visit its website at...

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New Website released for Expert Hypnotherapist

Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Blog, Company News |

Nowadays, having a strong web presence is crucial for helping people and organizations get their message across to the right audience. Lately we’ve been working with a company friend, Deborah Marshall-Warren. Deborah is an expert hypnotherapist and helps people build their self-belief, overcome phobias, and eliminate bad habits. Apart from working directly with individuals, Deborah offers workshops for organizations who would like to empower their staff and deal with issues such as workplace stress and absenteeism. What we did for her is we set up a new official website for WholeBeing Today, complete with a content management system and hypnotherapy blog. With her new website, she can now update her content quickly, post new blog posts easily, and continue to add important functionality with minimum training. With her new website, Deborah, is now able to continue to reach out to her audience with more effectiveness and...

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The 3 things every Maltese Small Business Owner must know about SEO

Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Blog, Online Marketing |

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Generally speaking, this is the practice of working with websites for the purpose of attracting relevant visitors from search engines like Google. SEO is a subject which many small business owners in Malta have become aware of in these last five years. You might be in the process of creating a website and SEO came up. Your sales and marketing teams might not be delivering and someone suggested SEO as a possible solution. Or you might have found out that your competitors are investing in SEO campaigns and so you think you should explore this subject more. Whatever the case may be, you would be right to think that SEO is an important consideration when marketing your business. This blog post deals with three important questions about SEO that often trouble small business owners in Malta: We Maltese do business through networks, so why is SEO important for my business? It is true that the number of searches done about your sector may be limited since the local market is small. However, localized searches like “accountant in malta” or “apartment in bugibba” have high conversion rates. This means that since these searches are very specific and commercially-related, there is clear buyer intent. Ranking highly will give you access to these leads providing you with the necessary ROI on your SEO. The second benefit of ranking highly in search engine results is that companies that have the top positions are often perceived as more established. On the basis of the search engine, a website which is ranked 1st is trusted more than a website which is hovering somewhere in the 3rd page of the search results. The third benefit is that SEO is a great way to reach out to potential clients who are looking for ties within your sector. These may be new companies, established businesses unhappy with their current service provider, or they may even be international clients. The websites which tend to get the most visitors from search engines are those that rank in the first page of the search results. Generally speaking, in the first page the higher your page ranks the more clicks your website will get. In very simple terms, how does SEO work? When a person searches Google for “rent a car in malta”, Google will search for websites which specifically have the phrase “rent a car in malta” (or variations) in them. Your website must have the right keywords for it to show up in searches related to your sector. The right keywords show Google your website is topically relevant. Another consideration is that websites which rank highly typically are linked to by many other websites....

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Of Vulnerability, Complacency and the three pillars of Data Security

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Blog, Information Technology |

The backbone of modern business is based on information. Investments are made to use digital process to serve clients quicker. Digital information availability strongly affects the efficiency with which processes are performed. Nowadays, it is normal that businesses have different types of data stored either at the company’s data centre or on the cloud. A company may have a billing system, business records, CRM systems, emails, web servers, production systems, HR systems, ERP systems and much more, sharing a common set of servers. As a result, concerns are brought up about who should have access to different subsets of all this information. The Three Pillars  One of the first issues that is brought up is confidentiality. It is not wise to have business records published for all to see. Indeed, data protection laws restrict what personal data is made publicly available. Confidentiality pulls in a different direction to availability. While confidentiality is about segregating information according to its sensitivity and restricting it accordingly, availability is concerned with making information accessible and available. There is a third consideration that needs to be address and this is integrity. What is the use of all the data if we are not sure that it is accurate and reliable? Integrity includes authenticity; non-repudiation and accountability, meaning that information has not changed in an unauthorized manner and that the origin of the data can be traced and associated to a particular user. This triumvirate of forces forms a balance in order to allow information to flow to those who are allowed to see it, be changed by those who are allowed to change it and restrict it to anyone else. The balance is never easy to find. There are always risks involved. The only secure system is a system that is switched off, disconnected and locked up. But that kind of a system is not useful to anyone. As a result certain risks have to be taken in order to balance Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality. As an example, one particularly easy to understand risk is the possibility of hardware failure. When hardware fails, availability is affected. During the system design phase and on regular intervals thereafter, one has to weigh the cost of not having the information system available against the cost of having a fail-over system.  In the majority of cases, losing information is catastrophic to the business concerned. Another example is the risk that arises from the fact that systems are connected to networks and in many cases to the Internet. Operating systems and software applications are not perfect. Vulnerabilities are discovered during their lifetime and these are usually repaired through security updates. Vulnerabilities are like master keys to your system. They...

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Clever Accounting and the development of the Accounting Profession

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Blog, Information Technology |

Just like other aspects of business, the Accounting profession in Malta and elsewhere, is changing. Customers often demand a flexible service leaving accountants with very tight deadlines. In addition, the role of the accountant is no longer just to take care of the monthly accounts. Accountants today are increasingly expected to provide financial advice about tax planning, cash flow analysis and more! This international trend has helped bring about the rise of accounting software-as-a-service (SaaS) in Malta. This is typically web-based accounting software that is paid on a subscription basis (e.g. monthly or annually). One advantage of such software is that it allows the accountant and the business owner to access accounts from anywhere, anytime, and simultaneously. This makes life easier for everyone as for example, it becomes easier to take your work home. Clever Solutions Ltd has recently launched the Clever Accounting Software Package that is based on the SaaS model described above. Apart from increased flexibility, this service is secure and provides users with automatic backups of their data (which are many times not done properly, if at all). Clever Accounting is a straight-forward, easy to use application. It is a solution that is licensed, unlike much accounting software in Malta (and abroad). It also provides reporting capabilities empowering both the accountant and the business owner. Software like this is the result of change in the accounting industry. Where do you stand in all this change? What is for sure is that many accountants and business owners will try to resist this change. These are the same people who don’t believe in the paperless office even though its’ been done. These are the same people who think the Internet is just for kids and not for business, despite the millions of business deals done online. These are the people who think business will be the same in 5 years time. It won’t. When it comes to trends, there are the latecomers and there are the leaders. As an accountant and small business owner, the questions you must ask yourself are: am I a latecomer, or am I a leader? Am I the person who’ll try to resist the inevitable, or am I the person who’ll make the most out of change? If you want to make the most out of change, then contact us and we’ll show you what your accounting software should be like in...

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