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How to keep your LinkedIn contacts clean

Posted by on Jan 24, 2015 in Blog |

LinkedIn is a great platform that helps professionals in a number of ways. The quality of the articles published there is generally good. One can find lots of information concerning many different aspects related to business. However, the main aim of LinkedIn is to get people in contact with one another. The process to connect with another person is started with the sending of an invitation. So you receive an email with the invitation to connect from an individual you have never met and never heard of. Your initial stance is that the more people you connect to, the better it is for your professional life. On the other hand, connecting to bad company may tarnish your reputation. Over the years I have devised a process that eliminates, as much as possible, those who are using LinkedIn for fraud. The process starts when an invitation, like the one below, arrives in my mailbox.     Rather than click on the Accept button straight away, I always visit the Profile page of the person sending the invitation.   The first thing I ask myself is why this person, who I don’t know, felt the need to connect to me. Perhaps it is because he is interested in the online accounting software my company offers. So I try to dig a bit deeper. Surely enough, his profile seems okay and looks like that of a normal and honest person. At the same time, I know that anyone can create such a “believable” profile. So I wonder if the picture used for this profile has been used somewhere else. Thankfully Google provides a tool to help us answer that question.   We need to get the URL (the internet address) of the image. This is done by moving the mouse pointer on the image and then right-click the image. A menu appears and click on the Copy image URL choice.   Next open Google Image Search ( and click on the camera symbol.   Move the mouse pointer within the search box and after a right-click on the mouse, select Paste. The URL should appear within the search box as shown above. If the URL was not pasted in the box, go back to the LinkedIn page and copy the URL again as described above. Click on the Search by Image button and wait for the results.   The results obtained clearly show that the picture attached to the profile is one that is available on a good number of other sites. There is also another LinkedIn profile using the same picture. This is ample proof that the owner of the LinkedIn Connection Request is a fake and probably wants to connect...

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3 Security Issues in many WordPress Websites

Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Blog, Information Technology |

22% of websites around the world use WordPress. That’s over 75 million websites! As the most popular website content management system in the world, WordPress has become a big target for hackers. Many hackers target WordPress websites which do not take security under serious consideration. When creating a website, many business owners & marketers are more concerned with the design and content of the website. As a result, the security aspect is ignored. This does not mean that using WordPress is not safe. No online system is 100% secure. What the above means is that website security must be given its due attention. There are many reasons why hackers do what they do. Although hobbyist hackers may do it for fun, professional hackers can earn a lot of money by hacking websites. When a website is hacked, the hacker can manipulate content, send website visitors to a different website instead, add links to dangerous websites which may include viruses, and so on. The first step to being protected is analysing your security situation and being aware of any vulnerabilities your system has. Here are three common issues in WordPress websites: Using WP-admin to log-in In order to log-into many WordPress websites, one normally adds /wp-admin or /wp-login to the end of the domain name. So it would look something like this: The log-in page loads up and one enters one username & password. What a hacker might do is use a software program to automatically target the wp-admin page and automatically start trying different username & password combinations. Solution: change the page to login from wp-admin or wp-login to a unique one such as Outdated Software WordPress is a system that is continuously being improved with new features and better security. A WordPress website also uses themes & plugins that contribute to the website’s design and functions. All these must be updated regularly. The updates often fix security vulnerabilities, the details of which are often available online for all hackers to see. At the time of writing, the latest WordPress version is 4.0, yet the majority of websites still use an earlier version. Solution: make sure your WordPress website uses version 4.0, and has all the themes & plugins updated. Before updating take a backup just in case. Comment spam A common headache for many website owners is the amount of comment spam they receive on their blogs. Often these spammy comments include many links to other websites. The danger here is that when clicking to some of these websites, your computer might become infected with a virus. Or the website might install a program that notices when you are using your credit card online and sends...

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5 ways Comodo Endpoint Security Manager can help your business

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Blog, Information Technology |

Our dependency on Information Technology has reached unprecedent levels. Whatever type of business you run or work in, the security of your IT infrastructure is crucial. Would you be able to operate effectively without your computers, tablets, and laptops? I don’t think so. As professionals who offer IT support to a number of companies, we see first-hand companies having to spend and lose hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Euros in order to recover from viruses, hacks, system attacks and malware. Often such things happen at the worst possible times too. When you have tight deadlines, or when you’re finally working with a partner or client you’ve been chasing. That’s when you get hit. Security gives you reliability. Here are 5 ways in which Comodo Endpoint Security Manager can help your business security: The Virus Free Guarantee (how’s that for reliability!)- Comodo actually guarantees that you will remain virus-free if you use their technology properly. They’ll provide you with $5000 for every endpoint that gets infected. That’s how confident they are.Comodo uses an auto-sandboxing technology. What this means is that when you download a suspect file, it is only run under a set of restrictions so it won’t be able to harm your computer. At the same time, you will still be able to run the file. Monitor Endpoint Health – being able to check the health of different endpoints at one go is a big time-saver. When using Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (ESM), you can use the patent-pending panoramic display to check 11 critical metrics of each endpoint at one go.This requires minimum administrative effort and at a glance, gives you peace of mind that your computers are running well. Remote Viewing – this gives you the possibility to receive quicker IT support (and hence, reduce downtime). Comodo ESM has a feature that allows your IT system administrator to access your computer from his office. Even if you happen to be away from your office, as long as you have a working internet connection, your IT support would be able to examine any problem with your laptop or computer. The Comodo Endpoint Security Manager is licensed per user rather than per endpoint. This means that your laptop and your smartphone count as one. Licensing fees for this product are already very competitive and this licensing method makes it even more so allowing you to actually save money since Comodo ESM comes at a lower cost than most other anti-virus software. The Defense+ is a collection of advanced security prevention technologies designed to preserve the integrity, security and privacy of your operating system and user data. With Defense+ you can go about doing your job with the peace of mind that...

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Clever Solutions Ltd partners with Comodo

Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Blog, Company News |

We’re happy to announce that Clever Solutions Ltd is partnering with Comodo to introduce to Malta the industry’s only Virus-Free Warranty for Endpoint Security and Protection software. With Comodo’s unique patented auto-sandboxing technology Clever Solutions Ltd can ensure that all viruses and malware are prevented from infecting your computer. Comodo Endpoint Security protects computers against viruses and malware by focusing on prevention and not simply detection. Traditional antivirus solutions use a “detection” based approach whereby they examine items against a “blacklist” (a list of known bad files/threats) to determine which programs or files are safe to run or allow system access. The problem with this approach is that all threats must be known and that your computer’s blacklist file must be continuously and instantly updated. Given this limitation, it is impossible for a blacklist to protect against all unknown threats. Comodo’s Auto-containment Technology automatically isolates all unknown applications into an isolated environment, thus making the physical operating system untouchable. Comodo has also incorporated additional defence mechanisms such as HIPS, behaviour blocker and its legendary firewall into the Endpoint protection. Comodo can therefore be the only developer of an anti-malware solution that offers a $5,000* limited warranty against infection. As a company that provides professional IT Consultancy and IT support services to a number of organizations, we are proud to partner with Comodo, a global leader in Anti-Virus Software, to better provide our clients with more secure IT infrastructures and ultimately, peace of mind. With Comodo ESM you can be reassured your endpoint devices remain virus free. To register your interest with us please contact us here. *Warranty protects against damage caused by malware and viruses, subject to terms and conditions....

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About the Web Design Industry in Malta

Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in Blog, Online Marketing |

This article was previously published in 2012 on Many businesses today understand the value of having their own website. It is an online point of reference that is expected of any serious business organization. Considering the number of new businesses set-up every year, the number of marketing campaigns organized, plus all the web re-designs that are done, one can understand why many think web design is a market worth entering. Businesses in Malta are quite ‘lucky’ as they can find willing web designers who would set them up for only around €500. Needless to say that the recent lowering of prices in recent years is hurting many web design firms who find it hard to justify why they charge three times as much as the cheapest option. Furthermore, that talking dirty on the competition is not nice doesn’t help. The reality is that there are two trends which have pushed the price of websites down over recent years. Being aware of these trends allows clients to better understand the prices they are charged, and also what they are paying for. The first trend has to do with the diminishing of barriers to entry in the web design market. With the plethora of low-cost and quality educational material available online, one can learn the basics of web design/development in a few months. In addition, the various free and open-source tools available, from content management systems to wireframe programs to collaboration software continue to push down any initial investment costs incurred. Of course this is all great, but it has resulted in certain individuals and businesses entering the market to ‘try it out’ and see if its viable. As a result of this short-term vision, their commitment to investing in quality is not necessarily admirable. On the other hand, others with a longer-term commitment to the market are more likely to deliver what the client needs. The second trend is related to what noble-prize winner Akerlof calls the Market of Lemons. The present situation is so that not all clients are able to properly judge the quality of the work done for them. One reason for this is because to judge a website, one requires in-depth knowledge on web marketing & design. Unfortunately, such information is often provided by the service provider who can tactfully choose what knowledge to share and what not to share. Furthermore, it also leaves little incentive for the service provider to improve the quality of his/her product. Thus, a vicious circle is created keeping prices low whilst keeping investments in improving quality also low, resulting in diminishing the overall credibility of the industry. To solve this problem, client-side education on web marketing would be required....

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Upcoming Networking Events in Malta

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Blog, Business |

Business Networking is an important business development activity for many companies in Malta. In recent years, networking in Malta has taken to new levels with the rise of professional online networking and formal business networks. I’ve also noticed an increasingly open and collaborative attitude in the local business environment, something which is important for a networking mindset.   If you are a business professional in Malta, as usual May offers a multitude of networking opportunities. This year, five events have caught my attention. Here they are sorted by date: BNI La Valette Substitutes Day (23rd May) BNI La Valette is an exclusive referral organization that offers its members weekly networking opportunities. However, the 23rd May will be a special event, What makes this event different is its structured format that gives an opportunity to every visitor to introduce himself to the group. A fantastic opportunity to improve one’s exposure and get to know other people. Details: Phoenicia Hotel, 7am – 9am, €10 to cover breakfast. Yes it’s early but definately worth it. Contact us for an invite. JCI Business Networking (24th May) Based on the business speed dating concept, in this unique local event, attendees will make a series of 5 minute meetings with other attendees. This gives everyone an opportunity to pitch their business and make many new contacts in a short space of time. Details: Radisson Blu, St. Julians, 6:30pm,  €50 to attend. Register here. MIM Networking (29th May) The Malta Institute of Management are renown for their great networking events. I’ve attended several of their events and I’ve made several new contacts in each one. The people who attend the MIM networking events come from various professions. Highly Recommended. Details: The Palace Hotel, 7pm – 10pm, €30 for non-members but it’s free for MIM members. Register here. iLearn iShare FHRD Networking (30th May) Organized by FHRD in collaboration with De Bono Thinking Systems, there will be a discussion on creative thinking applied to the business environment. There will be time for networking. Details: Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, 2:30pm, €5 for non-members but its free for FHRD members. Contact Ivana on The Financial Services Industry Development in Malta – Present & Future (30th May) Organized by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry, this event will commence with a series of talks and discussions. However, this will be followed by time for networking. Details: Fimbank, Pendergardens, St. Julians, 4:30pm, €20 for non-members, free for members. Email to register. What to remember If you attend one of these events, remember that just going to the events is not enough. Following up is an important part of the networking process, so be sure to contact...

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