Our aim is to always be outstanding at what we do. Clever Solutions has a dream of assisting businesses improve their digital thinking to reach standards of excellence in the chosen area of technology.

  1. We operate with complete focus to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.
  2. We encourage an environment of mutual respect within the company which we extend beyond to our clients, partners, stakeholders and friends.
  3. At Clever Solutions we maintain a devotion to the knowledge economy and a commitment to personal learning, recognising that intellectual property and high value-added are the guiding lights for our enterprise, wherever we may be.

We are proud to have built our family business on the strong pillars of sincerity, cleverness, and excellence. Clever Solutions takes a fresh approach, as a Maltese family-owned business, adopting a model of flexible business practices, to operate efficiently and produce added value.

Clever Solution’s strength lies in listening to clients and understanding their needs in order to act as a technology catalyst to help them achieve their business goals.

Clever Solutions incorporates a dedicated Product Marketing division in advanced software applications, and has had successful solution launches in Financial Services, igaming and Hospitality. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in IT consulting for various industry verticals, with a variety of clientele, in Malta, the Mediterranean and internationally.

“Clever Solutions has proven to be a very efficient company, and responsive to all issues, especially critical systems. They have a great response time even during off-hours, weekends, and holidays. You will have our business for a long time to come. We don’t hesitate to recommend Clever Solutions Ltd to any company where Information Services is business-critical.” Daniela Grioli, Managing Director – Primebet International Ltd.

“We have found Clever Solutions Ltd to be an excellent source of high level technical support. Mr. Carmelo Romano has been very supportive throughout his involvement. His vast experience in both hardware and software solutions, and his proven expertise have been invaluable to us in the support that he has provided. Mr. Romano has proved to be extremely motivational to our technical staff, always being ready advice and assistance and always being ready to share his knowledge and expertise. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mr. Romano in his capacity as a technical consultant.” Stephen P. D’Alessandro, Managing Director – AllSecure Ltd.

“We are very pleased with the services offered by Clever Solutions. We have found their service to be dependable, friendly and open over the years. Their willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to Diplo Foundation.” Jovan Kurbalija, Director – DiploFoundation.

“We have been using Clever Solutions System Administration since 2008 and would like to thank them for their continual support and high level of service. It is a constant reassurance to know that they are always a simple phone call away, and their help always proves to be invaluable. The speed at which they respond and react to our needs never fails to impress.” Michael Muxfeldt – World-of-Bets Europe Ltd.

“As our main partner in Malta, Clever Solutions is our main ICT subcontractor in the Mediterranean zone. They supply very fast, round-the-clock service. As we provide ICT for many offshore related companies, ships and platforms, these are required features for us. Clever Solutions has never let us down. Clever Solutions is a pleasant company to work with. They relay our customer friendly, pleasant and professional attitude, which our Clients value greatly. The people that make up Clever Solutions are creative and able to think outside-the-box, when needed. They are always willing and able to contribute to (clever) solutions and they help think ahead. We look forward to many years of continuing partnership and would give a very positive recommendation to any potential customers.” The Board of Directors – SMT Systems BV

Clever Solutions feels it has a responsability to contribute towards the local and international community. One way we contribute is by sharing our knowledge and experience. We strongly believe in the values of education and training and we invest in our staff.

In addition, we regularly accept student interns who gain valuable work experience whilst working with our company. We provide our interns with the necessary opportunities to apply their knowledge and creative ideas, and we help them increase their ability by teaching them the tricks of the trade. This is also beneficial for us because it brings positive energy and enthusiasm to Clever Solutions. Intern Testimonials

“Thanks to my time at Clever Solutions, I’ve gained valuable work experience which will prove useful for my future career. While working there, I’ve increased my knowledge on marketing and my analytical and language skills have improved. The team there helped me to learn more and provided a healthy working environment.” -Gregory Dormieux

“While working with Clever Solutions, I was involved in the Clever CMMS project. I am happy to say that during my training period, my work environment was very good. The team and managing director were pleasant and very helpful in my work and in seeing to my questions. At Clever Solutions, I was able to combine work productivity and work pleasure for an overall positive experience.” – Julien Garcia